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Bottle Cloud / Crowd

TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2016 で開催されるアートイベントでのインスタレーションプロジェクト。



若林拓哉 HA/Hyper Archipelago共同プロジェクト 

This is an installation project for the art event at TRANS ARTS TOKYO 2016.
We redesign Dashi the traditional festival float used in Japanese festivals to bring more excitement with contemporary context.
We use plastic bottle for the construction which is not building material but everyday object and easy to handle for anyone without technical skills. Although plastic bottle itself is fragile, it is capable of loading 3 or 4 persons on top if the cluster of bottles dispersed the weight and the inside air became cushioning. It can be said that is masonry construction with plastic bottles and the air.
The float of plastic bottles piled up irregularly has various intensity of transparency, consequently its volume comes
to have unique depth in it. Like it's watching cloud changing its figure as time goes by, people passing the work site can enjoy the process of making.

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